Kelly Castor is a firm believer in the human spirit and our capacity to achieve.

Much of his work is focused on personal development. Inter-personal skills are the key to success – success in business, collaboration and in life. Focusing on our being – who we are – is critical to achieving success, whether that is in business, athletics or life in general.

At the root level, all organizations rely upon relationships to succeed. The ability to create relationships that serve our cause is critical at all levels of an organization. The better we get at this, the better our organization does and the better we accomplish our mission. Creating processes that are good for organizations, its employees and its customers is the great competitive advantage. This is where concepts move to practices. This tangible implementation step is where many companies are won or lost. Focusing on this is where real impact happens.

Because of this, Kelly is a student of human behavior. He’s also an experienced business owner that understands that successful organizations focus on the people-side of the business as much as the metrics of the industry – if not more.

Kelly has developed his gift of leading people in a focused direction towards a pre-determined outcome into a method, or system, of helping others not only adopt this position, but how to implement it. Focusing on “leaders at all levels” illuminates a unique way forward for his clients.

Private Sector Highlights

Velocity Leadership was started in January of 2002 as Practical Lessons, a training and development company focusing on professional and personal development in the areas of management and leadership.

Leveraging the tools and processes developed in the first 10 years of operation, Practical Lessons is being transformed into Velocity Leadership, which focuses on leadership in a variety of areas. Keynote speaking, seminar creation and delivery, strategic direction and C-level coaching and mentoring led to the creation of several key programs and products that are gaining universal acceptance as “must-have’s” for sustainable organizations.

Prior to the launch of Practical Lessons, in partnership with two other former telecom executives, Kelly launched NII Communications, a CLEC offering local, long-distance and data services for businesses. Kelly led the organization from inception to $20 million dollars in annual revenue in just 3 short years. NII Communications was subsequently sold to ClearTel Communications.