Executive Coaching

by ekkiPicsI work with Executives and their teams to turn their vision into reality.

As a leader, the common, fundamental goal among us all is to get a group of people moving towards a common goal. This requires assembling, motivating and most importantly, connecting with our core management team and beyond.

I used to say that Culture Rules. And it does. But what rules culture is relationships. That’s what I do. I help Executives and their teams develop the kinds of relationships necessary to get a group of people moving towards a common goal … with Velocity.

I’ve been blessed to work with many leaders over the years who embraced this belief. This realization illuminates the need to work on “self” first. All great leaders work on themselves first. Much like Ghandi’s famous quote – “We must be the change we seek,” leaders realize that “being” is more important than doing – a core tenet of Velocity Leadership. We must be who we want others to be.

As an advisor or coach, I work closely with leaders to clarify their vision, engage their people with this vision and create an environment that supports the achievement of the mission.

Ultimately, to work together, we have to “click.”

We have to want to work together. This is why I’m so clear about who I am and why I do what I do. I know I’m not for everyone. But I also know what it takes to get a group of people moving in the same direction … with intention, purpose and Velocity!

If you are interested in that, let’s talk. We will quickly and clearly determine if we want to work together. Either way, I’ll be happy we’ve spoken and offer any support that I can to assist in a worthy cause.