I speak on all things Leadership

This includes motivation, accountability, achievement, etc. Each talk is tailored to the audience – managers, supervisors, executives and employees. Whether it’s a mix of roles or role specific – I reinforce the basic concepts of Leadership and how to apply them from the role they inhabit!

Favorite Talks:

  • The 3 Powerful Truths
  • Tapping into true Human Potential
  • Leaders at all Levels – The true competitive advantage!
  • Keynotes – 25, 40 & 55 minutes

My promise to you

My promise to you is best described through a brief story. My wife and I were in Rome a few years back. When we travel we seek out places where the “locals” hang out. We were on a back street looking for a place to eat. In front of one small restaurant was a gregarious man, almost larger than life – talking loudly with great joy to a couple. They were clearly locals and enjoying a great story. His story ended with a great crescendo of laughter and a hearty slap on the back of his friend! They all roared. He saw us standing there (apparently smiling from ear to ear and totally engrossed in the scene!) and came over with a big smile and said, “Buona Notte! Welcome! Please sit. We’ll have some wine.” This led to the best meal and great conversation that we had on our entire trip. The event lasted well over 2 hours and during that time I saw the owner walk a patron and his wife home due to some overindulgence of wine by the customer. The owner was smiling and happy the entire time. He returned about 20 minutes later to explain that when he got them to their house, they insisted he come in and have a nightcap and that’s why he had been gone so long.

My point of this story is that this restaurant owner was committed to everyone having a memorable and great experience by being in his presence. We left there with a memorable and enriching experience. One that will stay with us a very long time. He did this through energy, enthusiasm and a genuine caring for everyone he met.

I will do the same for you at your event. That’s my promise – People will leave with a memorable and enriching experience. I’ll even one up that – my goal is for everyone to leave with at least three things that they can put into practice right away. Although an enriching and memorable experience is great for a restaurant on the back streets of Rome, I realize that in business we have to also have something tangible we can use to turn that experience into positive results.

One last thing about that little restaurant in Rome. The waiter ordered for us the entire night. We went with his recommendations. After every recommendation he always said, “If you no like, you no pay.” This is also part of my promise. If you don’t feel like you received at least twice as much value as you paid, let me know and I’ll hand the check back to you. The speaking cost will be on me. No if’s and’s or but’s. “You no like. You no pay!”